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As much as I hate to admit it, I have hair that is thin, lifeless, and absolutely impossible to grow, so I am always on the lookout for something to hide it that actually blends in and looks natural. I tried Aliexpress Queen Hair after reading plenty of great reviews about it online. I ordered 2 16” pieces and 2 18” pieces and figured that I would have to wait quite a while before it arrived. However, I was shocked when it arrived within a couple of days.

When I first took it out of the package, I was pleased to see that it exactly matched the shade I ordered online. (I have ordered with other companies in the past and a color that was completely different from what they featured online was a frequent problem. Sure, I could dye it, but that just damaged my own pitiful hair even more!) It was rather soft and definitely had not been through all kinds of processing before it was sent to me. Best of all, it did not have that strange smell that I have noticed when I ordered from other companies in the past. The bundles were true to the length that I had ordered and there was absolutely no tangling. I called the lady who installs it for me and she said that I could come in later that evening.

She, too, was shocked at how high quality Aliexpress Queen Hair is. She said that she has worked with plenty of hair in the past and this was by the far the nicest and healthiest looking that she has ever seen. She was also surprised by how well priced it was, especially considering the excellent condition it came in. After running her fingers through the bundles a few times, only a couple of strands had come out. Absolutely amazing!

She was able to install it quickly and it blended in perfectly. It is surprisingly soft and bouncy. Honestly, you would not know that it was not my actual hair unless I told you. After a week and several washes, it still looked and felt great, plus there had been very little additional shedding. I have been wearing it in wavy body curls and it looks absolutely amazing, both down or up in a cute ponytail. (That is not just my opinion either! Other people have been commenting over how good my hair looks.) Two weeks later, everything still looks great!

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I am so thankful that I finally found Aliexpress Queen Hair. I was so tired of my real hair that is so thin and hard to grow, but I was also tired of paying good money to have extensions installed that were quite obviously fake hair. I mean, if you can look at hair and see the difference between your actual hair and your extensions from half a room away, it is definitely a big problem.

I can say without any doubt that I will be ordering from Aliexpress again. I encourage anyone else who is looking for high quality hair at a great price to do the same.

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